Natural Herpes Cure Study

If holistic remedies might actually get rid of genital herpes then the pharma corporation would experience significant losses (billions and billions of dollars every year ). In this post we have gathered data about really interesting holistic herpes cure study that were conducted in the past.

Let's talk about why a lot of people would never use holistic cures for herpes. The majority of physicians understand only about medications that have FDA approval and that have actually been studied a lot. And very couple of people would ever fund holistic cures research study.

Obviously, the are many research study proving the health benefits of holistic treatments in treating herpes. However still, there is simply not enough medical data in order to initiate marketing natural treatments to masess.

Now, let's look in some interesting herpes studies and choose for ourselves if this is actually well worth trying holistic cures.

Some of people's favorite holistic herpes home remedy is garlic. There were two significant research studies: the first one was organized back in 1985 by a scientific publication Planta Medica, and the next one during 1992 by Brigham Young University. Each of the research studies have actually suggested the fact that garlic clove is pretty efficient at eliminating herpes virus. Those researches were performed in laboratories and each proved an antiviral reaction of garlic versus herpes. The 1992 research has actually revealed that garlic can easily eradicate 90 % of herpes microorganism within the first HALF AN HOUR.

A study of L-lysine, zinc and herbal-based goods by Southern California University of Health Science included 30 people, 15 males and also 15 women. That displayed a full resolution within 40 % of participators by 3rd day and in 87 % of participators by 6th day. Zero negative effects were developed and the procedure was viewed to be completely reliable.

Honey was also analyzed and compared with a couple of the highly famous nonprescription herpes remedies. There was a research conducted in 2004 named "Natural honey vs. Acyclovir As A Herpes virus Tretament For Recurring Break outs". 16 individuals with oral and genital herpes were includeded in that research. The end results were impressive. Natural honey worked quicker in comparison to Acyclovir in recovery break outs for 40 % of people with cold sore and 50 % participators with HSV-2. Several of the people managed to entirely control break outs using natural honey. No negative effects were experienced. Not one of the sufferers who were choosing Acyclovir managed to remit hsv virus outbreak, and 3 of them developed itching as a negative effects of choosing a medication.

Ozone treatment demonstrated highly promising end results in curing herpes break out and eliminating the virus from human body. Some researchers say that this takes 4 to 6 weeks to treat herpes virus with ozone treatment. Shown below is a list of study about dealing with genital herpes with ozone treatment that can be seen on the internet. Those researches were done outside of the United States and needed to be confirmed before thinking about.

Yet another exciting research was conducted in 1997 with Division of Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University and involved neem. Tests that were completed on mice showed that neem may prevent herpes virus from duplicating. Analysts were not able to discover how it helps.

Among the earliest researches for THC was done in 1980 by Blevins, RD and Dumic, MP, and indicated that HSV-1 and HSV-2 failed to duplicate in human cells when active components of THC were applied to these people. In 1991 a research by Specter S. exposed data that confirmed that fact. These end results were also verified in 2004 by a group of scientists from the University of Southern Florida.

As you can notice, most of the research studies listed earlier were organized by small teams of scientists, and a few just involved mices. However they still show that holistic solutions have much more compared to many antiviral remedies. Having 67 % of the population infected with herpes, it is really not surprising that several scientists are focusing on the development of herpes medicine and not the research study of holistic cures.

All of the cures listed above have actually been around for centuries, although they are simply not very well researched, nor these are authorized by FDA. In case you make a decision to use any one of those home remedies you have to take full liability and preferably speak to a health practitioner (possibly an alternative one) regarding it.

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